Features of the "original" Posi-clamp;
  • Simplification of Mobile Operations-
    reducing down time normally associated
    with relocating.
  • Positive Connection for Portable Power
  • No Tools Needed- Cam and Lever Lock
  • Installs simply in Junction Box and
    Utility Switchgear
The "original" Posi-Clamp was developed by Mr. Ralph West in
1956 and had been fabricated by the Ralph West Company for 50
In 2007, the Ralph West Company was purchased by S&S Machine
Shop, Inc. All staff and procedures have been retained by S&S
Machine Shop, Inc. Our quality clamps are made by the most
experienced Posi-clamp builders at a very competitive price and
can be shipped to anywhere in the world.
A multitude of Brass and Copper pins can be supplied to
fit your posi-clamps.
View List. Custom Pins can also be
made to your specifications.
PC-100-1/4"                 PC-200- 5/8"             PC-300- 1"       
PC-100-3/8"                 PC-200-3/4"              PC-300-1 1/8"
PC-100-1/2"                 PC-200-7/8"              PC-300-1 1/4"
Custom Fabrication and Machine Work